ADDED ON: 08/08/2020

Scuffles with police in Poland as protesters try to block arrest of LGBT activist

08/07/2020 | EuroNews

Protesters in Poland scuffled with police as they tried to stop the arrest of a gay rights activist on Friday in the city of Warsaw. The activist, is known officially in court as Michal SZ, but identifies as a woman called Margo. She is suspected of causing criminal damage to the Pro-Right to Life Foundation van with homophobic slogans in June. The activist is also accused of pushing a volunteer from the group which owned the van. A court order the campaigner to be held for two months in preventative detention. Margo was detained at the offices of Campaign Against Homophobia but dozens of protesters then blocked the police car, prompting a stand-off before officers cleared the way to allow it to pass. Police said they arrested some of the dozen protesters. “During the arrest of the activist, the crowd impeded the actions of the police. Interventions are being made against the most aggressive people. There will be zero tolerance for breaking the law,” Warsaw police wrote on Twitter.


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