ADDED ON: 04/28/2021

Scottish election 2021: Douglas Ross attacked for historic comments on gay marriage during TV leaders’ debate

04/27/2021 | The Scotsman

The Scottish Conservative leader was asked about his position on equal marriage in Tuesday night’s debate following a report in the Daily Record that he, while a councillor in Moray in 2014, had said he would have voted against the legislation had he been an MSP. Told the legislation had made former Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson “cry with joy”, the Moray MP said it was now something “we should support”. Asked directly whether he would have voted against the legislation that allowed gay people to marry their partners, Mr Ross said he had been “balancing both sides of the argument”. He said: “I’ve said in a debate in Moray Council chamber that there was a passionate, engaged debate on both sides and I was balancing both sides of the argument because many constituents had contacted me. “I said at the time I would have voted against it, just like two of Nicola Sturgeon’s ministers voted against it, but I have also said I fully support it. “I think marriage is a thing of beauty both for men and women and people of same sex and I think it is something we should support.”


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