ADDED ON: 10/08/2018

School Bars Transgender Girl from Both Locker Rooms During Lockdown, Virginia LGBT Group Says

10/08/2018 | Miami Herald

Students in a Virginia middle school gym class were supposed to shelter in nearby locker rooms during a school lockdown — but one student was barred from going into either of those spaces, according to a local LGBT rights group. The student, a transgender girl, was kept in the gym with a teacher as school staff in Stafford County debated if the girl should be allowed to shelter in the boys’ locker room or girls locker room, Stafford Equality wrote in a Facebook post last week. Stafford Equality said the girl had to sit alone “until the drill was complete, away from her peers and identified as different,” because the teachers couldn’t agree on “the safest place (for the other students) to have her shelter.”


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