ADDED ON: 01/25/2020

Scandal overshadows Peru election’s focus on gender equality

01/24/2020 | The Guardian

Scandals involving domestic violence and marital infidelity have overshadowed the campaign to elect a new congress in Peru, in which gender equality and women’s rights have been key issues. Peruvians will elect 130 new lawmakers on Sunday after the previous chamber was dissolved by President Martín Vizcarra in a controversial but popular move in September. With at least 12 feminist and four LGBT candidates running for office, gender equality and gay rights has never been so prominent in a Peruvian election, said Rossina Guerrero of the sexual rights NGO Promsex. “There are more openly gay and feminist candidates than in previous elections. We believe that their political participation has put the issue of discrimination and homophobia on the table,” she said.


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