ADDED ON: 03/11/2022

Sara Duterte identifying herself as LGBT a ‘trapo’ behavior —group

03/11/2022 | GMA News

An LGBTQIA+ organization on Friday slammed vice presidential aspirant and Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte for saying she is also a member of the LGBT community. In a statement, Bahaghari said being a part of the LGBTQIA+ community is not a “costume” one could wear only during the election period. “It is a lifelong struggle in a world steeped with deep hatred and exclusion of our community,” said Rey Valmores-Salinas, Bahaghari chairperson. “Huwag po tayong magpapabudol [Let us not be fooled]. This is nothing more than a ‘trapo’ behavior by a politician seeking votes and sympathy from our community.”  Salinas said the more important question that needs to be asked is: “Is Inday Sara’s extension of the so-called ‘Duterte legacy’ in the interest of LGBTQIA+ Filipinos? Because given the last six years of a Duterte presidency, the answer is a complete and resounding no.”


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