ADDED ON: 06/26/2020

Sanna Marin – Finland’s female millennial prime minister, from an LGBT family, leading the war on coronavirus

06/25/2020 | South China Morning Post

Germany, Taiwan, New Zealand, Iceland, Norway, Denmark and Finland. These countries are among those with the lowest numbers of cases, deaths and, so far, the best responses to the coronavirus crisis. They also share a striking similarity: they are run and governed by strong, decisive and empowered female leaders. Among them is Sanna Marin, Finland’s youngest-ever prime minister, who has demonstrated exemplary leadership by implementing measures to curb rising infections. After the resignation of the country’s previous leader, the Social Democratic Party voted her in last December 8 to succeed Antti Rinne. She was sworn in two days later, shortly after her 34rd birthday, to become the youngest prime minister and world leader (a title she lost in January with the second election of Austrian chancellor Sebastian Kurz). Marin may be young, but that youth hasn’t inspired widespread scepticism – she currently enjoys an 85 per cent approval rating among Finns for her preparedness. How did she get this support and become an effective crisis leader? We take a closer look at this decidedly millennial politician, and examine why she seems to be on the right track.


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