ADDED ON: 02/06/2023

Same-sex marriage row looms over Church of England synod

02/05/2023 | The Guardian

The repeal of a century-old act of parliament that allows the Church of England to govern itself is among options being considered by MPs frustrated at the church’s continued refusal to offer marriage equality to same-sex couples. Conservative and Labour MPs are weighing up several options aimed at bringing the C of E into line with the law of the land with regard to same-sex marriage. Chris Bryant, Labour MP, chair of the standards and privileges committee and former Anglican priest, said the church’s position was “causing very real pain and trauma. If the church won’t act, then parliament should give it a push.” Some MPs have asked whether the C of E’s refusal to allow same-sex marriage makes it incompatible with its special status as the state church. When they put that last week to Justin Welby, archbishop of Canterbury, he reportedly replied that he would rather see the C of E disestablished than risk the global church fracturing over the issue.


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