ADDED ON: 11/23/2018

Same-sex Marriage: is Cuba Using it to ‘pinkwash’ Other Oppressive Policies?

11/20/2018 | The Conversation

Cuba will revise its constitution in 2019 – and one of the biggest topics under debate is Article 68, which proposes legalising same-sex marriage. By legalising same-sex marriage, and not just civil partnerships, Cuba would follow a broader trend in Latin America – and this is to be celebrated. But is the Caribbean nation’s promotion of this change really evidence of a genuine progressive socialist revolution, or another case of international pinkwashing? Cuba has shown a commitment to LGBT rights over the last two decades. This is undoubtedly good news. But does it use this to obscure or minimise focus on its other transgressions? It is certainly true that the Cuban state remains heavy handed with freedom of speech in certain areas, and citizens who protest against the state are routinely watched, harassed and imprisoned.


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