ADDED ON: 07/25/2022

Same-Sex Marriage Bill Advances in US Congress

07/24/2022 | Voice of America

The U.S. Congress may be on the cusp of passing legislation that would codify recognition of same-sex marriages under federal law, solidifying the right of LGBTQ couples to wed seven years after the Supreme Court ruled that such unions must be given legal recognition across the United States. The House of Representatives, on July 19, passed the Respect for Marriage Act, 267-157, with 47 Republicans adding their support to the unanimous House Democrats. The bill is now before the Senate, which could vote on it as soon as next week. The bill would need backing from at least 10 Republicans to pass, in addition to all of the body’s Democrats. So far, five GOP senators have said they will support the bill, and several others have said they are open to doing so.


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