ADDED ON: 12/02/2021

Same-sex couple fights for right to marry in India

12/1/2021 | Japan Times

Swept up in a whirlwind romance after meeting at a Bollywood party in Mumbai, Saattvic and Gaurav Bhatti dreamed of celebrating their love with a typical big, fat Indian wedding. Seven years on, it remains a dream. Same-sex marriages are illegal in India despite the Supreme Court scrapping a colonial-era ban on gay sex in 2018 — a decision that LGBTQ Indians say they had hoped would pave the way for more equal rights, including marriage and adoption. That is why Saattvic, who goes by one name, asked the Delhi high court to allow him to marry his boyfriend — one of six petitions made by LGBTQ couples in September 2020 to legalize same-sex marriage, with a final hearing due Tuesday. “There is a fundamental right to marry and we should be afforded that right to marry just like any other heterosexual couple,” Saattvic said in a video call from Vancouver in Canada. “Gaurav and I want to get married. We want to have a family. We want to go out for work and come back home and have our spouse there, have our kids there and sit around and have a family dinner and watch TV together.” If the couple win their case, India would become the second place in Asia after Taiwan in 2019 to recognize gay marriage.


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