ADDED ON: 06/13/2018

Russia’s Most Outspoken Gay Activist Has A Warning To LGBTI Football Fans At The World Cup

06/13/2018 | HuffPost

Anton Krasovsky quickly downs a glass of whiskey backstage before stepping in front of the cameras on “Angry Guyzzz”, his controversial entertainment program. His guests are transgender people from Moscow, and he has a message for his viewers that he saves for the end of the show. ‘I Am Gay’ During his sign-off, Krasovsky speaks the words that still follow him to this day. It might well be the most important message of his life. “I am gay,” he says straight into the cameras. “And at the same time I’m still a person like you, my dear viewers, like President Putin, like Prime Minister Medvedev and like the members of the Duma (the Russian parliament).”


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