ADDED ON: 11/01/2018

Russian Teenager Prosecuted under ‘Gay Propaganda’ Law Has Conviction Overturned

10/27/2018 | Pink News

A 16-year-old from Russia, who was found guilty in August under the country’s “gay propaganda” law for posting pictures of men online, has had his conviction overturned. Maxim Neverov, a schoolboy from Biysk, filed an appeal with his lawyer, Artem Lapov, after the Commission on Minors and the Protection of Minors’ Rights decided he should pay for the content he posted online. Lapov, the boy’s lawyer, said he was glad justice had triumphed. “The court scrupulously studied the evidence. All related materials were considered in details and the witnesses were interviewed. “The investigators requested data from the social network VKontakte. The court followed the assumption of innocence principle and decided that the offense was not proved.


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