ADDED ON: 04/28/2021

Russian Man On Pornography Charge For Sharing Rammstein Clip

04/28/2021 | Radio Free Europe

A court in northwestern Russia is set to deliver its verdict on April 28 in the case against an activist accused of “distributing pornography” for sharing a video by the German rock band Rammstein in 2014. Amnesty International called the case against Andrei Borovikov, who faces three years in prison if convicted, as “utterly absurd,” saying he was being “punished solely for his activism, not his musical taste.” Borovikov was formerly the coordinator of jailed opposition politician Aleksei Navalny’s Arkhangelsk regional headquarters. Describing Borovikov’s prosecution as “a mockery of justice,” the London-based human rights group’s Moscow office director, Natalia Zviagina, called for all charges against him to be dropped. “The Russian authorities should be focusing on turning around the spiraling human rights crisis they have created, not devising ludicrous new ways of prosecuting and silencing their critics,” Zviagina said in a statement ahead of the verdict.


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