ADDED ON: 12/21/2022

Russian LGBTQ History Museum Closes Because of Anti-Gay Law

12/20/2022 | Metro Weekly

An LGBTQ history museum in Russia opened and closed in less than two weeks, in a protest of Russia’s new law banning LGBTQ “propaganda.” Pyotr Voskresensky, the museum’s founder, spent years gathering Russian-made art and books relating to Russia’s LGBTQ subculture, according to euronews. He set up a pop-up exhibit at his home in St. Petersburg on Nov. 27 to oppose a new anti-gay law in Russia. The law, which Russian President Vladimir Putin signed on Dec. 5, makes it illegal to praise non-heterosexual relationships or suggest that non-heterosexual sexual orientations are “normal.” The law also links non-heterosexuality and sex change to pedophilia, perpetuating “false and damaging messaging,” according to Human Rights Watch.


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