ADDED ON: 02/08/2020

Russian Jury Acquits Gay Man’s Murder Suspect

02/08/2020 | Moscow Times

A Moscow jury has acquitted a man accused of killing a gay man last year, the LGBT rights group Stimul reported Thursday. Security cameras captured 40-year-old Roman Yedalov’s stabbing death near central Moscow’s Kursky train station in June 2019. His boyfriend Yevgeny Yefimov, who survived the attack, recounted that the suspect had shouted homophobic slurs. Jurors found Anton Berezhnyi not guilty of murder, which would have resulted in a prison sentence of up to 15 years, Stimul said. They found Berezhnyi guilty on a lesser charge of battery, which carries a two-year prison sentence, the Mediazona news website reported. A Basmanny district court judge is due to deli


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