ADDED ON: 10/04/2019

Russian Court Blocks Major LGBT Online Groups

10/03/2019 | Voice of America

A Russian court has ruled that two popular LGBT networking sites be blocked for disseminating “anti-family values,” including a major online group with nearly 200,000 members. The court in Saint Petersburg on Wednesday announced the decision against the groups on VK, a Russian platform similar to Facebook. “An inspection showed they contain information available to the public, including children, which negates family values, propagates non-traditional sexual relations and promotes disrespectful attitudes towards parents,” the court statement said. Russia in 2013 introduced a law against “gay propaganda,” which officially bans the “promotion of non-traditional lifestyles to minors” but in effect outlaws LGBT activism. One of the groups mentioned in the court decision is called the Russian LGBT Community, which has more than 187,000 members.


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