ADDED ON: 10/20/2020

Russian Cabinet rejects bill outlining changes to the Family Code impacting children’s and transgender rights

10/20/2020 | Meduza

Russia’s Government Commission on Legislative Activities has rejected conservative Senator Elena Mizulina’s draft law “aimed at strengthening the institution of the family.” The commission believes that the changes outlined in the bill would tip the balance “towards the rights of parents” at the expense of children’s rights. A draft of the cabinet’s decision was obtained by TASS on Tuesday, October 20. A group of senators submitted the package of amendments in question to the State Duma in June. It included changes to the country’s Family Code that would prohibit social services from removing children from their families without a court order. The bill also contained changes that would have major repercussions for transgender people in Russia, including prohibiting them from changing the gender markers on their identity documents (effectively preventing them from legally changing their gender) and restricting their ability to get married.


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