ADDED ON: 01/21/2019

Russia website calls for ‘gay hunters’ to attack LGBTIs across the country

01/20/2019 | Gay Star News

A website that gamified hunting gay men in Russia has been reactivated and is now calling for ‘gay hunters’ in several regions. In April 2018, Saw-inspired website пила (Russian for ‘saw’) came under fire as it encouraged homophobes to report LGBTI people for torture. The website seems to be active at the moment of writing. It includes a call to action for ‘athletic, aggressive and strong in spirit’ men to assault LGBTI people to get monetary rewards. Organizers pay up to 300,000 rubles for each ‘task’, a little less than $5. Furthermore, they will provide the hunters with legal protections.  ‘We are already working and we invite you to hunt for gays in 12 regions of Russia,’ the website reads. ‘These are the Stavropol Territory, the Chechen Republic, the Republic of Dagestan, the Samara Region, the Sverdlovsk Region, the Republic of Bashkortostan, the Republic of Tatarstan, the Republic of Udmurtia, the Chelyabinsk Region, the Perm Territory, the Saratov and Orenburg region.’


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