ADDED ON: 05/31/2021

Russia suggests that Disney is denying “family values” over Pixar film with gay character

05/30/2021 | LGBTQ Nation

The Walt Disney Company has been put on notice by communications regulators in Russia over a short film that is available on the conglomerate’s Disney Plus streaming service. According to a letter sent to the Burbank, California-based company, the film would be considered content that “denies family values and promotes non-traditional sexual relationships,” which is against their laws. Walt Disney did not immediately comment on the alleged issue, which was first reported by Reuters. The film in question is Out, one of several “Pixar’s SparkShorts” released on Disney Plus after some originally premiered on Pixar Animation Studio’s YouTube. The shorts are produced by Pixar staffers in six months under restrained budgets. In the nine-minute short, the main character — Greg, voiced by Kyle McDaniel — is trying to avoid coming out to his family, but then he magically swaps minds with his dog, Jim. Greg and his boyfriend, Manuel, kiss in the film.


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