ADDED ON: 03/08/2021

Russia hatches sinister plan to ban trans, bisexual, abortion and polyamorous ‘propaganda’

03/07/2021 | Yahoo News

With Russia’s population expected to decline by 30 million over the next decade, the question of how to raise the birth rate dominated discussions on Thursday (4 March) at a conference of United Russia, the country’s ruling party. Among the many proposals floated under the “Strong Family” project was a ban on polyamorous and bisexual “propaganda”, with the idea of reversing population decline by defending traditional Christian values. “They are trying to corrupt our youth,” claimed MP Vladimir Krupennikov, according to the Russian news outlet Kommersant. Russia already bans positive depictions of LGBT+ people and threatens hefty prison sentences for anyone who even comes close to challenging the country’s prevailing anti-LGBT+ attitudes. In the decade since it was introduced the law has been used to silence activists, shut down Pride events and monitor students’ social media profiles.


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