ADDED ON: 12/30/2020

Russia Adds Women’s Rights NGO to ‘Foreign Agents’ List

12/29/2020 | Moscow Times

Russia has labeled prominent women’s rights organization (“No to Violence”) as a “foreign agent,” the Justice Ministry announced Tuesday. The Justice Ministry’s addition of the NGO, which provides legal and psychological help to domestic violence victims, to the “foreign agent” registry comes amid fears of a renewed crackdown on critical voices ahead of Russia’s 2021 legislative elections. Lawmakers pushed through controversial expansions to the “foreign agents” law last week which would allow any politically active, foreign-funded individual to be added to the list. Writing on Facebook, director Anna Rivina said her organization was mainly added to the list over its support for a bill that seeks to re-criminalize domestic violence and “5% [due to] LGBT propaganda.” “They made us very angry, so in 2021 we will do more and be louder, more transparent and more bold the further they go,” Rivina said.


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