ADDED ON: 10/14/2018

Romania’s Referendum Proves LGBT Citizens’ Rights are Far from Protected

10/14/2018 | Globe Post

Romanian conservative forces initiated a referendum to promote ‘traditional family’ and prevent the potential legalization of same-sex unions. While it is a slap in the face of gay, lesbian, bi, and transgender Romanians, the referendum also offers them an opportunity to unite, mobilize, and fight back. Do you want to change the definition of marriage as a legal union “between a man and a woman” instead of the current gender-neutral definition “between spouses?” Romanians were asked this question a week ago, during a referendum on a constitutional change that could rule out same-sex marriage. While the turnout with just over 20 percent was too low for the referendum to be valid, it shows the increasing polarization in one of the youngest E.U. member states.


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