ADDED ON: 09/14/2018

Romania Has Just Moved One Step Closer to Making Same-sex Marriage Illegal

09/13/2018 | Gay Star News

Same-sex marriage could forever be in jeopardy in Romania after the senate overwhelmingly voted to allow a referendum which could change the eastern European country’s Constitution. The proposed referendum would ask Romanians whether they approved of changing the definition of unions in the Constitution. Currently, the Constitution defines unions as between the gender-neutral ‘spouses’. But a petition signed by three million people wants unions defined as between ‘a man and a woman’. If the Constitution changes to say that, it would make it almost impossible to make same-sex marriage legal in Romania. On Tuesday the senate voted 107-13 in favor of the referendum after the Lower House voted to approve the referendum at the end of last year. The Coalition for Family civil groups started the petition in 2016 and got three million Romanians to sign it. Romania’s government now has to set a date for the referendum, saying it could happen as early as 7 October.


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