ADDED ON: 06/21/2021

Rizal birthday becomes celebration of LGBTQ freedoms in Baguio

06/20/2021 | Inquirer

The pedestrian lane in front of Baguio’s Rizal Park was repainted last week with all the colors of the rainbow, in time for the celebration of a different kind of freedom on Saturday, the 160th birthday of national hero Jose Rizal. A small group of costumed lesbians, bisexuals, gays, transgenders, and queers (LGBTQR) gathered across the “Rainbow Crosswalk” bridging Rizal Park and the rose garden of Burnham Park. The multicolored crosswalk expressed the continuing fight for LGBTQ rights, and serves as an homage to the summer capital, which was made the safest city for the queer community because of its anti-discrimination ordinance, Albert Sotelo said.


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