ADDED ON: 04/09/2020

Rights monitor blasts humiliation of 3 LGBT curfew violators

04/08/2020 | ABS-CBN News

Authorities north of the Philippine capital “publicly humiliated” 3 members of the LGBT community who violated a curfew aimed at halting the coronavirus pandemic, a researcher for the international watchdog Human Rights Watch said Thursday. The 3 LGBT members were running an errand for their grandmother in Pandacaqui, Pampanga when village volunteers stopped them and accused them of looking for illicit sex, said HRW Researcher Ryan Thoreson. A village official “publicly humiliated them by ordering them to kiss, dance, and do push-ups on live video broadcast on social media” in which they were identified by name. Videos of the punishment went viral, he said. Other curfew violators in the town “were also subject to a range of punishments broadcast on social media,” said Thoreson. “The incident illustrates the danger of unrestrained law enforcement power under the guise of public health… Where curfews exist as a means of slowing the spread of the virus, they should be enforced in a professional, measured manner that does not jeopardize people’s rights and dignity,” he said in a statement.


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