ADDED ON: 08/13/2021

Rights defenders tell details of queer girl’s abduction by Chechen law enforcers

08/13/2021 | Caucasian Knot

The “Russian LGBT Network”* is concerned about the fate of the girl who was abducted a year ago by Chechen law enforcers, and is going to appeal against the decision of the Chechen Supreme Court (SC), which has found the investigator’s refusal to investigate the abduction as legitimate. The refusal to investigate the abduction case is unlawful, the advocate has noted. The “Caucasian Knot” has reported that in August 2020, a young woman from Grozny turned to the hotline of the “Russian LGBT Network”* asking to help her leave the republic. She claimed that her family had learned about her sexual orientation; and her life was in danger. Human rights defenders helped her to leave home, but then law enforcers found her and took her away. According to David Isteev, the head of the Emergency Aid Programme of the “Russian LGBT Network”*, nothing is known about the girl’s fate.


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