ADDED ON: 10/25/2021

Requiring trans people to have surgery to change their legal documents is ‘regressive’ says Quebec MNA

10/24/2021 | CBC News

As the father of a transgender child, Mike Lumsden says he’s worried a newly proposed Quebec law will open the door to further discrimination against the trans community. Since 2015, Quebecers have been able to change their sex designation on their identity documents without having to undergo surgery, but Bill 2 would change that. The bill was brought forward by Quebec Justice Minister Simon Jolin-Barrette last Thursday. It proposes changes to the province’s family law, including the possibility of having separate sex and gender indications on government ID. But the bill would prevent Quebecers from changing the sex designation on their official documents until after they’ve undergone gender confirmation surgery. “I want my child to have autonomy. I want my child to have respect and equality,” said Lumsden. “So when I see this proposed bill, I feel like this is a step backwards on those fronts.” In a statement released Saturday, Quebec’s Liberal Party also called Bill 2 a step backwards, saying it could make transgender people in Quebec feel pressured and obligated to undergo surgery.


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