ADDED ON: 04/12/2019

Renowned LGBTI activist wants to become the Pete Buttigieg of India

04/11/2019 | Gay Star News

LGBTI rights activist Harish Iyer announced this week he would be joining one of India’s major political parties, the Indian National Congress (INC). Iyer was looking forward to ‘working with the Mumbai Congress team in weeding out homophobia, transphobia, Islamophobia and the politics of hate’ he wrote on Twitter. ‘I encourage more people from the LGBT community to join politics’ he said. ‘Come out and be the change’. He expressed a hope that one day INC would have an LGBTI section of the party, just as they have a section for women. In an interview, the activist urged better representation in politics and encouraged more minorities to join political parties. ‘I do believe that equality is the way to go. I hope I can become the Pete Buttigieg of India,’ he said, referencing the US gay presidential hopeful. INC in its manifesto has promised to withdraw the controversial Transgender Bill. The trans community has slammed the bill.


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