ADDED ON: 01/09/2019

Removal of marriage from new Cuba constitution divides LGBTI community

01/07/2019 | Washington Blade

The LGBTI+ community remains divided after the National Assembly modified the marriage amendment in the draft of the new constitution. Part of it defends the yes vote and supports the official campaign, while another group says it will vote against the constitution. On Saturday, Dec. 22, the same day the Cuban Parliament in Havana ended sessions where changes to the draft Cuban constitution were approved, a group of young people discussed them in Vidal Park in Santa Clara, 300 kilometers from the Cuban capital. The decision to exclude Article 68, which defined marriage as “the union of two people,” from the future constitution was received with bewilderment in the city, which is known in the country for its inclusive spaces for the LGBTI+ community. According to the National Assembly, the suppression has the goal of “respecting all opinions,” an argument that seems to echo the anti-marriage equality campaign from various evangelical churches.


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