ADDED ON: 09/09/2018

Remembering Siddharth Gautam: India’s First LGBT Activist

09/09/2018 | The Quint

“History owes an apology to LGBT persons for ostracisation and discrimination.” With that, the Supreme Court struck down the draconian law that criminalised sexual activities between two consenting homosexual adults. But the fight for the right to love has been long and hard and one of the most prominent names to have led this fight is advocate and gay rights activist – Siddharth Gautam. Siddharth Gautam joined the AIDS Bhedbhav Virodhi Andolan (ABVA) once he returned after studying at Yale, in around 1989. Founded due to the collective efforts and commitment of a number of activists, ABVA launched one of India’s first AIDS activism movement. The aim was to fight to decriminalise homosexuality and secure the rights of LGBTQ people. It demanded rehabilitation schemes for HIV positive people. To further this, the ABVA began running a free dispensary for sex workers in Delhi’s GB Road District.


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