ADDED ON: 08/30/2019

Religious discrimination bill: Coalition accused of creating a ‘Trojan horse for hate’

08/29/2019 | The Guardian

Christian Porter releases bill, which will stop employers from limiting workers’ religious expression in private following fallout from Israel Folau’s sacking. LBTQI advocates have condemned the government’s proposed religious discrimination bill, saying the “radical” new laws would give people of religion superior rights that would allow them to discriminate. While the Greens have criticised the government’s proposed bill, Labor’s shadow attorney general, Mark Dreyfus, said it was too early to say whether the opposition would offer bipartisan support for the legislation. “Unlike the government, which has only been having an internal debate, Labor will be listening carefully to the whole Australian community, Labor will be consulting deeply and widely, which is what the government should be doing too,” Dreyfus said.


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