ADDED ON: 05/10/2019

Ramadan: The holiest but loneliest time of year for many LGBTI Muslims

05/09/2019 | Gay Star News

As the Muslim world gets stuck into observing and celebrating the holiest month on the Islamic calendar, LGBTI Muslims are preparing themselves in an entirely different way. Ramadan is the most important holidays for Muslims. ‘Ramadan is as important for Muslims as Christmas for other people,’ said Faizan, head of LGBTI Muslim group, Imaan. ‘But it brings up those difficult feelings for queer Muslims about the difficulties we have whether we’re estranged from families or booted out of our community.’ Ramadan is the ninth month on the Islamic calendar and is believed God sho the fwedirst verses of the Quran – Islam’s holy book – to the Prophet Mohammed. This year Ramadan runs from 5 May to roughly around 5 June and during this time Muslims fast between sunrise and sunset.


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