ADDED ON: 01/06/2019

Raising awareness of LGBT issues in Asian community

01/04/2019 | Ledbury Reporter

Syeda Sarwat came to Britain as a student in 2010 in a bid to escape the violence, abuse and social isolation that she says she suffered as a Muslim lesbian in Pakistan, where same-sex relationships and acts of homosexuality are not only a social taboo but are punishable under criminal law. Syeda said: “Society in Pakistan is very conservative, and if society, religion, and family don’t accept you, then how can you continue to live there?”  “I have been told by scholars that my sexuality is not compatible with being Muslim but I do not agree that the Qur’an says that. “I am a practicing Muslim and my religion and sexuality are equally important to me.” Since graduating from university in Newcastle, Syeda has lived in several cities across the UK and became an active campaigner for Birmingham South Asian LGBT support group Finding a Voice before moving to Hereford in 2018.


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