ADDED ON: 05/07/2019

Rainbow flags confiscated at Singapore concert of openly gay singer Troye Sivan

05/06/2019 | New York Daily News

Fans of the openly gay singer Troye Sivan were told not to wave rainbow flags during a concert in Singapore last Friday. LGBTQ rights activist Benjamin Xue attended the Singapore leg of the singer’s Bloom Tour with five friends. As he told Gay Star News, when the Australian singer, composer, and “Boy Erased” actor started telling the crowd at The Star Theatre about his coming out experience, Xue and his friends took out a large rainbow flag and started waiving to show their support. But security guards told them they weren’t allowed to do it. Rainbow flags are universally known as a symbol of LGBTQ pride, and widely seen in Sivan’s concerts around the world. He’s known for his catchy pop hits such as as “My My My!” and “Lucky Strike,” unabashed celebrations of gay love.


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