ADDED ON: 12/31/2019

Rainbow crossing: conversion therapy by another name?

12/19/2019 | Taipei Times

Fundamentalist Christian groups from 23 countries descended on Taipei in October to strategize about how to roll back protections for sexual minorities and influence public opinion and policy. In the same week that Taiwan Pride saw up to 200,000 people take to the streets of Taipei at the end of October in support of LGBT rights, the fundamentalist Christian group Global Rainbow Crosser Alliance (國際跨虹聯盟, GRCA) held a press conference at the capital’s Grand Hotel to condemn the International Federation of Human Rights (FIDH) for rejecting the alliance’s request to participate in its 40th human rights congress, which was taking place at the same hotel. Alliance president Jim Domen said his human rights had been violated because FIDH didn’t respond to a letter requesting participation for the “rainbow crossers.”


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