ADDED ON: 08/03/2019

Radical Baptist church preaches LGBTQ hate just miles from California’s Capitol

08/02/2019 | Los Angeles Times

Pastor Roger Jimenez implored his congregation at Verity Baptist Church to separate themselves from the ways of a modern, wicked world.
Burn your Harry Potter books. Trash your rock ‘n’ roll CDs. Don’t vaccinate your babies. Stay away from gay people. “The United States of America is on a rainbow-colored boat, and we’ve gotta shake that boat up,” Jimenez said. Speaking to some 400 people in an overflow crowd that included dozens of young children staring intently at Bibles and giggling when pastors yelled, Jimenez was met with shouts of “Amen!” and “Let ‘er rip!” “If I go down in history as the hardest preacher against homos, praise the Lord,” he added.


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