ADDED ON: 09/02/2020

Queer swimmer Theresa Goh advocates for Singapore’s LGBTQ community

09/01/2020 | Outsports

Theresa Goh became a legend in Singapore by winning gold at the 2006 Paralympic Championships. Now she’s pushing for LGBTQ visibility in her home country. A new profile in Lifestyle Asia spells it out: “As far as sporting legends in Singapore go, few make our hearts swell with pride like Theresa Goh does.” Goh, who was born with spina bifida, won gold at the 2006 International Paralympic Committee World Swimming Championships, thus becoming the first swimming world champion in her country’s history. The fact that she was able to do so while paralyzed from the waist down remains a jaw-dropping feat and a testament to her courage and perseverance. Yet that triumph is only part of what makes Goh such an inspiring and unique figure in Singapore. After winning a bronze medal at the 2016 Paralympic Games, Goh came out publicly as queer, despite living in a country that does not recognize LGBTQ marriages and even criminalizes sex between two men.


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