ADDED ON: 02/08/2022

Queer Square Mile – two centuries of diverse Welsh storytelling

02/06/2022 | Nation Cymru

Queer Square Mile is a ground-breaking anthology of queer Welsh writing edited by Mihangel Morgan, Kirsti Bohata and Huw Osborne and published by Parthian. The volume makes visible a long and diverse tradition of queer writing from Wales, dating back to the 19th Century and spanning genres from ghost stories and science fiction to industrial literature and surrealist modernism. In anticipation of the release of the collection at the end of February, the historical and social context of the work is considered by the editors in this introduction to the work. Frank O’Connor did not share our contemporary notion of ‘queer’ when he opened his seminal book on the short story with these words. His point was that the short story emerged from communal story-telling tied to a local sense of ‘this place’ – one’s milltir sgwâr [square mile] as it is called in Wales.


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