ADDED ON: 01/12/2023

Queer or gay? Why LGBTQ+ people are fiercely debating former slur being reclaimed

01/11/2023 | Pink News

The word ‘queer’ is intrinsically linked to the LGBTQ+ community – it’s right there in the name. However, the way the word is used and received by some people is complicated. While many of us are proud to be queer, and have reclaimed the slur, some people are staunch in their views that ‘queer’ is offensive and struggle, or refuse, to accept it. Most recently, the debate was reignited on Sunday (8 January) after Owen Hurcum, the non-binary former mayor of Welsh city Bangor, tweeted in support of reclaiming the word – getting more than 15,000 likes and over 1200 retweets in just over a day. The day prior, another Twitter user had separately tweeted “quit calling gay people queer, we don’t like it”, which also gained a lot of online support – but many responses from people refuting the claim.


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