ADDED ON: 10/13/2020

Queer Nigerians Are Being Beaten by SARS — I’m Trying to End That

10/13/2020 | Out

Matthew Blaise is an LGBTQ+ activist in Nigeria who has been on the front lines of the #End SARS protests and has suffered abuse by SARS officers due to his queerness. He recently posted a video from the protests which received over 3 million views, and writes of his experiences here for Out.

“The news about SARS being disbanded was post online after the assistant inspector general of police, followed by the president of the country, announced it. But like many Nigerians I have a strong distrust for the Nigerian government and its officials. They have shown so much dishonesty and insensitivity to the plights of Nigerians in the past. We all believe that this so-called disbanding is merely cosmetic, like the four or five other times it’s been disbanded in the past. Nigerians want to see an executive order, legal documents, proof of some kind beyond just mere words. Besides, the disbanded SARS are still killing and maiming across the country so we are taking news of this ‘disbandment’ with a grain of salt.”


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