ADDED ON: 01/02/2022

Queer kiss-a-thon staged at Six Flags Mexico theme park in response to ‘homophobia’

1/1/22 | Pink News

A “besotón”, or kiss-a-thon, has been staged at the Six Flags Mexico theme park after a queer couple visiting said they were victims of “homophobia”. A friend of the couple went viral on Twitter after he described how his friends were reprimanded for kissing at the theme park on Wednesday (29 December). He wrote: “The argument was that the park is a ‘family environment’ and that gay kisses are an attack on that.” He went on to share videos of the incident, which reportedly showed the Six Flags Mexico director confronting them about the kiss, and continued: “[He] told us that in general all displays of affection were prohibited and that it was in the regulations, we reviewed the regulations with him and that paragraph does not appear… They also pointed us out, took us out of line and threatened to take us out of the park for not complying with the ‘family environment’ rule. “At least 10 couples in the same area were kissing but they were not singled out or intimidated.” In further tweets he described the incident as “clearly homophobic”, and the thread has, to date, been retweeted more than 16,000 times. In response, the LGBT+ community joined together to plan a “besotón”, or kiss-a-thon, outside the park.


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