ADDED ON: 08/08/2020

Queer Black Americans have taken a ‘disproportionate’ financial hit during COVID-19

08/07/2020 | Pink News

Black LGBT+ Americans are suffering “disproportionate” economic consequences during the COVID-19 pandemic with almost one in five losing their jobs, a new report has shown. The report by Human Rights Campaign, in partnership with PSB insights, tracked the economic impact of COVID-19 on the LGBT+ community in the US via an online survey of 10,000 people conducted between April and July. While it has been well-documented that the coronavirus pandemic has disproportionately impacted LGBT+ people and Black people, the impact on those who are both Black and LGBT+ is significantly worse in every measure included in the survey. Almost one in five Black LGBT+ respondents (18 percent) have become unemployed because of COVID-19, compared to 16 percent of Black respondents, 16 percent of LGBT+ people, and 12 percent of the general population.


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