ADDED ON: 02/10/2020

Queer Asians Refused to Be Left Out of Lunar New Year Celebrations

02/09/2020 | VICE

“Our first year we used a lot of euphemisms like ‘rainbow family.’ But now we want people to know exactly what we are: a queer Asian contingent.” Christine tears up every time she tells the story: the 20-something was marching in New York City’s Pride parade last summer with Q-Wave, a group for lesbian, bi, queer, trans, and gender-variant people of Asian and Pacific Islander descent. Someone said to her, “Hey there’s a girl crying over there, you should go hug her.” Christine ran up to an Asian woman who appeared to be in her early 20s. The moment made Christine, who declined to use her full name because she’s not out to her parents, realize how important it was to be in that parade—even though, she confessed, “I hate walking.” That’s why this year, she’s an organizing member of Lunar New Year for All, a coalition of LGBTQ+ Asian and Pacific Islander groups (including Q-Wave, GAPIMNY, Project Reach, and API Rainbow Parents) working to increase queer Asian representation in the annual Lunar New Year parades throughout New York City.


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