ADDED ON: 04/01/2022

Qatari official says rainbow flags may be confiscated to “protect” World Cup fans

04/01/2022 | Mirror

Fans at the World Cup in Qatar may have rainbow flags confiscated by security in order to “protect” them against perceptions they are “insulting” the society, a senior official has claimed. Last month, England captain Harry Kane made it clear that Gareth Southgate’s squad will seek to raise awareness of those human rights issues. Kane said: “As a nation we want our fans to enjoy the tournament as much as we hopefully enjoy the tournament. And we want them to feel safe and free to watch the games how they please and act how they want to act.” England’s LGBT+ fan group Three Lions Pride praised Kane’s comments and also encouraged other members of the squad to “educate, empower and engage” LGBT+ football supporters.


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