ADDED ON: 08/15/2020

Qatari official claims queer Snapchat content is a ‘deviation from Allah’

08/14/2020 | Pink News

Qatari journalist Na’ima ‘Abd al-Wahhab al-Mutawa’a, who serves as media advisor to the staunchly anti-LGBT+ country’s foreign ministry, made the claims in an article for Al Sharq, a pro-regime newspaper. The article, which was written in June, was translated into English earlier this month by the Middle East Research Institute (MEMRI). In the article, al-Mutawa’a wrote: “A grave issue that can already be described as a phenomenon, and which we can no longer keep silent about, is the warm attitude evident on many social networks – especially on Snapchat – towards homosexuality, [which] deviates from the nature Allah bestowed upon males and females, and towards [the phenomenon] we see in our society of young men looking like women and young women looking like men.”


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