ADDED ON: 11/07/2022

Qatari minister blasts ‘arrogant’ critics of World Cup host’s repressive anti-LGBT laws in furious rant amid huge public backlash to football stars David Beckham and Gary Neville taking money from Middle Eastern state to front the tournament

11/06/22 | The Daily Mail

Qatar’s foreign minister has said the country’s critics are ‘arrogant’ and ‘cannot accept a small country from the Middle East’ is hosting the World Cup, amid criticism of the nation’s LGBTQ rights record. ‘Preaching from a distance is not a solution, said Qatari foreign minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman al Thani in an interview with Sky News. ‘Calling to boycott the World Cup, or those who are not coming to the World Cup, it’s their decision at the end of the day, but why deprive the people and the public from attending and enjoying the World Cup.’


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