ADDED ON: 04/13/2020

Puerto Rico HIV/AIDS service groups respond to coronavirus

04/09/2020 | Los Angeles Blade

The coronavirus pandemic has forced HIV/AIDS service organizations and advocacy groups in Puerto Rico to change the way they work. AIDS Healthcare Foundation Regional Director for Puerto Rico Silvana Erbstein on Tuesday told the Los Angeles Blade in an email the organization’s clinic in Trujillo Alto, a municipality that is less than 15 miles southeast of the Puerto Rican capital of San Juan, “remains operational.” Erbstein said the clinic continues to provide medical, case management and pharmacy services and transportation for its patients. “All staff is on site and our clients are being served in person when needed (emergencies, needed lab, treatment) or via phone consultation,” said Erbstein. “Strict policies and procedures on safety for patients and staff, and social distancing are followed.” Erbstein said AIDS Healthcare Foundation’s pharmacy “continues its operations as usual,” although it is delivering most medications to patients’ homes or making them available for on-site pickup.


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