ADDED ON: 07/07/2018

Public Support for Men in Drag in Row with Chinese Police

07/06/2018 | BBC

A video of a heated altercation between three men in drag and police officers in the city of Suzhou has started tens of thousands of people talking about LGBT rights in China. The video has been widely shared and viewed more than three million times on the Chinese video-sharing site on Miaopai. According to local reports, three heavily made-up men wearing glitzy clothing were walking along Guanqian Street, the city’s popular thoroughfare, on 3 July and were “attracting the attention of many passers-by” who took pictures of them. One of the men in drag argued with officers in the video: “What concern is it of you? What I wear has nothing to do with you, am I wrong? What I wear has nothing to do with you! I can wear whatever I like!”


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