ADDED ON: 07/06/2020

Protesters take to the streets amid concerns over Tory government’s alleged rollback of trans rights

07/05/2020 | Pink News

More than a thousand people gathered in London’s Parliament Square yesterday (July 4) to protest against the government’s alleged abandonment of reforms to the Gender Recognition Act. The British government is reportedly planning to scrap reforms to the Act and will instead introduce a series of policies to “protect” single-sex spaces, the Sunday Times reported last month. Protesters took to Parliament Square yesterday to voice their opposition to the reported plans, where people waved trans flags and held up signs that said: “Trans rights now” and, “Our Rights are not up for debate”. Speakers at trans rights protest in London urged the government to reform legislation. 20 speakers addressed the urgent need for reform to the Gender Recognition Act, as well as addressing their own experiences of transphobia.


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