ADDED ON: 10/23/2022

Protest after transgender student suspended 3 times for using ‘incorrect’ bathroom

10/21/2022 | Up North Live

Dozens of students and community members came together in protest at Norman North and Norman High School on Friday over the suspension of a trans student using the bathroom she identifies with. “I have been a woman my entire life. I came out in first grade, I’m on hormones, I’m a good person,” said Emery Jenkins, the student who was suspended at Norman North High School. Crowds came together at two NPS schools for Emery Jenkins, waving flags, cheering, and showing their support for not only Jenkins, but also for so many others like her around the world. “It’s absolutely abhorrent that the state and other states are wanting to come in the way of people pursuing their happiness, people pursuing their true selves and their true identities,” said Kini Baugh, a student at Moore Norman Technology Center.


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